Artist cartoon of a man to busy on his phone to be bothered when rapture happens

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The picture above by artist Alex is accurate. This is the state of many people today. TOO BUSY to be bothered by the possible trumpet call. I believe not many are going to hear it with all the NOISE in the daily ritual.



Purpose for a Study of End Times


Having spent decades sitting under dozens of pastors, teachers and theologians there is one statement that fits them all.  Man is either too afraid to tackle this area of the Bible or too much of an “expert” to see the errors that he is promoting. This area of scripture is the SIMPLIST subject of the entire Word of God. Somehow it has become the most avoided subject in the world.


Opening the Bible and reading about a man being crucified does not bring an understanding of why he did it willingly.  The starting point must be reading and finding out WHO that man was and WHY he had to die.  Reading about the Garden and the Passover shapes the mind to understand a baby being born and then the steps that child as a man takes walking to Golgotha.


In like manner, reading the Book of Revelation without the foundation of the rest of the story taking place in scripture makes understanding fruitless.  That is the reason for the misconception that no one can understand what is said about the end!


The purpose of this page is to offer only an overview into what the Bible states regarding events yet to occur in the time period we are living.



“Principles to understanding the Bible



“Requirements for Understanding Bible Prophecy”




Where to Begin?  How to Study Bible Prophecy


If reading a book, do you read the last chapter to cram for the exam? Reading Revelation before anything else is cramming for that exam.  There is no understanding. Nothing but confusion regarding the ending pages can occur. The prophets, disciples and Jesus Himself LAID THE FOUNDATION for the Revelation that John would receive on Patmos. John’s vision completes and compliments Daniel’s vision word for word.


The Bible is intended to show man the Plan of God.  So why not see what he says regarding the “Plan” for the “End”? God the Son has been a part of that plan from Genesis to Revelation.  If that is not understood, it is difficult to accept how that information is given to us.


Jesus Christ the Son of God was here and answered the question of what was going to happen in the End Times.  What better place to start on the subject than with the EXPERT – the SON OF GOD!



There is a separate study called:  “God the Son from Genesis to Revelation


Complete that study first and then return here.





Basic study method:

sequence of study should be as follows:



Gospel of MATTHEW chapters 24-25


Jesus speaking on the topic of the End Times.



Book of DANIEL


One of the first things Jesus referred to was Daniel.

It does lay a foundation and is important to understand first.



Epistles to the THESSALONIANS


Apostle Paul wrote on the subject in both of these letters.



The RAPTURE event



The SECOND COMING of Jesus Christ








This should NEVER be studied before the items listed previously.



Prophets of Old Testament


Prophecies concerning End Times events were made hundreds of years before birth of Christ!  Who were these men and why did they predict events that have yet to occur?






Sequence of Major events by topic

to take place in the END TIMES:



The Rapture


This can occur at any time!



Rise of a World Leader



Anti-christ early military campaigns



The Tribulation Period



The Second Coming of Jesus Christ to earth.


Ending the Tribulation period.



Battle at Armageddon


End of the reign of Antichrist and the Beast



First Resurrection concludes


The resurrection of Tribulation saints



Millennial reign of Christ on earth


Revelation and Ezekiel; Daniel 2:44-45



Release of Satan and his FINAL battle with God



Second Resurrection


Resurrection of the evil dead for appearance at Judgment



White Throne Judgment


New Heaven and New Earth – Revelation 21





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