Study Notes on the Judgments

Compiled by WD Kemner August 2022




With any conversation regarding “resurrection” there must be discussion on “judgment”. The purpose of resurrections is ultimately for judgment.




Separation of the Good and the Evil


There are passages in scripture that talk about specific judgments that will occur.  Judgment will ultimately result in the separation of those that are evil from those that are good. The Good and the Bad to stand before God for separate distinct judgment after death.


Matthew 13:24-30; 36-43 The Good Seed Parable told by Jesus regarding separating Good and Evil for Judgment


Matthew 25:31-46 – see below


John 5:28-29



Judgment of the Nations


Joel 3:2-8 – The nations brough together in one place for judgment before God for their actions against His people the Jews.


Matthew 25:31-46 - Jesus illustrates the separation of the Good and the Evil with the separation of Sheep and Goats like a shepherd.


Zechariah 1:18-21 – seen in vision by Prophet Zechariah



Facts that can be gotten from scripture for this judgment which makes it different from the others:


This is not a judgment of the wicked dead.

Occurs Before Millennium.

Christ the judge

Takes place on Earth

Judgment for crimes against the Jews

Judgment on Gentiles

Separation of Good and Bad

Some go to Hell some to Heaven



Judgment Seat of Christ for the believer



2 Corinthians 5:10; Matthew 16:27


Romans 14:10-12 Everyone will stand before the judgment seat, then bow and confess Him, then give an account.


(Therefore, this is not of the evil – they have already declared a stand against God)



The following verses also indicate that this Judgment will include judging and reward for all the “works” done.


Luke 14:14 – rewarded at the resurrection


Romans 2:16 – Every secret judged by God through Jesus


1 Corinthians 3:11-15 - Believers works will be judged


Colossians 3:24 – receive reward of inheritance


Revelation 22:12




Great White Throne judgment of the evil dead.


Revelation 20:5-15


Daniel 7:10; 12:2


Facts that stand out from those passages concerning the Great White Throne Judgment:


Occurs after Millennium

God the Judge

Takes place in heaven

Judgment for all sins

Judgment on Jews and Gentiles

Only the Evil appear for judgment

All go to Hell