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The “Prophet” was a normal human man.  Normal in the sense that he was not a supernatural being.  He was a man given a message from God.  The message being intended for a nation or a particular king or individual.  These were men who saw events through the eyes of man as we as humans do.


However, they were also given prophecies related to the future.  Often the future that they were told about was not a period that the Prophet would live to see in his lifetime.  These Prophets wrote and spoke what they were given by God, even if it was regarding events and things they could not see with their physical eyes, but were seeing with the spirit as God gave them the blessed opportunity to do so.


Prophets often saw events that occurred in the future.  They were not always told the sequence of those events.  Their writings would convey the information as they were told, often moving forward and back in time.  However, the events are always future to the day that the Prophet is writing in. Some Prophets saw the Second Coming of the Messiah even though they had not lived yet to see His First coming!  Some wrote details of both events.


Clarence Larkin in the early 1900’s depicted this in this excellent diagram.


Chart designed by Clarence Larkin early 1900's called The Mountain Peaks of Prophecy.

Mountain Peaks of Prophecy by Clarence Larkin (public domain)



There is another additional chart by Larkin depicting what various Prophet writers were able to see and not see shown later on this page.


Study Overviews for the individual books of the Prophets are listed below.


Passages from these overviews have also been incorporated into the Study on the End Times.


How do the teachings of the Prophets effect our future?  See the Study on the End Times on this website to find out.








ZECHARIAH   Written about 557-525 B.C



EZEKIEL   Written about 595 B.C.



DANIEL   Written about 616 to 536 B.C.



MICAH   Written about 650-610 B.C.



JOEL   written about 795-755 B.C.






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Mountain Peaks of Prophecy


Perspective of Prophecy





Websites with Documents related to the Prophets.


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Author Rob Harbison wrote a paper entitled “Kings and Prophets”


It is a wonderfully done overview of all the kings and prophets.


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An excellent resource site to aid in the study of the prophets can be found at

The Christian Resource Center of New Hampshire.


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