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This Book is often called just “Revelation”.  It has the proper title of “The Revelation of John”.


Revelation = “apôkalupsis” – meaning disclosure, be revealed; the root word means to take off the cover.



Priority before a study of Revelation of John



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Prerequisites in Scripture for Revelation



Study on End Times Prophecy







Chapter 1 is an Introduction by the Apostle John.  He lays out his credentials and background before he shares what God commissioned him to do, which he tells us in chapter 1:19:


Write the things which thou hast seen, and the things which are, and the things which shall be hereafter”


The Book of Revelation is laid out in that format:



“the things which thou hast seen”



Chapter 1: His Vision of Christ



“and the things which are”



Chapter 2-3:  Letters to the seven churches.



“the things which shall be hereafter”



The Rapture of the Saints has taken place.



Chapter 4 Glorious view before the throne of God!



Chapter 5 Opening of the Book with Seven Seals



Daniels Seventieth Week begins



Chapter 6 The First Six of the Seven Seals



Chapter 7 Sealing of 144,000



Chapter 8 The Seventh Seal with Trumpets



Chapter 9 Trumpet 5 and the First Woe



Chapter 10 Trumpet 6 and the Thunders



Chapter 11 Two Witnesses and Trumpet Seven



Chapter 12 Dragon and Sun Clothed Woman



Chapter 13 Two Beasts: Antichrist and False Prophet



Chapter 14 Angelic Declarations



Chapter 15-16 Seven Vials



Chapter 17-18 Babylon The Great



Chapter 19 Marriage Supper and War with God



One Thousand Years of Peace follows 70th week



Chapter 20 Millennial Reign of Christ



Eternity with the Creator of it all



Chapter 21 New Heaven and Earth



Chapter 22 Tree of Life and Eternity



symbols of fish being used to create a division line between areas on pagesymbols of fish being used to create a division line between areas on page



Throughout the Book of Revelation the Apostle John is a witness to items referred to as: Seals, Trumpets, Woes, Thunders and Vials.  This can be confusing when studing to remember location chronologically.  This chart will be of aid in that area.



Chart Outlining the sequence of the Seals,

Trumpets, Woes, Thunders and Vials.



Seven Seals – consists of:


            First 6 of 7 seals – (Chapter 6)


            Seal 1 – White Horse: conquering diplomatically

            Seal 2 – Red Horse: political upheaval, no peace, people killing people

            Seal 3 – Black Horse: cost of “bread”, famine

            Seal 4 – Pale Horse: ¼ population killed by beasts, swords, hunger

            Seal 5 – Martyrdom for Faith: death for Word of God receive white robes

            Seal 6 – Earthquake, stars fall, sun black, physical world gone berserk


            Seal 7 – (Chapter 8) consists of 7 Trumpets (Chapters 8-11)


                        Trumpet 1 (8:7) – hail and fire mixed with blood

                        Trumpet 2 (8:8) – mountain burning with fire

                        Trumpet 3 (8:10) – star falls from Heaven

                        Trumpet 4 (8:12) – darkness


                        Trumpet 5 (9:1-12) FIRST WOE:  star falls, bottomless pit opened


                        Trumpet 6 (9:13-21) SECOND WOE:  4 angels kill 1/3 of men


7 Thunders uttered - described in Chap 10


Two Witnesses (11:3) appear: testify for 1260 days, killed and resurrected 3.5 days later. Earthquake and 7000 die. Then WOE 2 ends.


                        Trumpet 7 (11:15-19) THIRD WOE: WRATH OF GOD


Temple of God opens in Heaven (11:15)


Seven Vials / Bowls / Plaques (Chapters 15-16)

First 4 on Men – last 3 on kingdom of Anti-christ


Vial 1 – Sores on wearers of mark required by Beast

Vial 2 – Sea turned to Blood

Vial 3 – Rivers and Water Sources turned to Blood

Vial 4 – Sun given power to scorch the Earth

Vial 5 – Seat of Beast attacked darkness, pain, sores

Vial 6 – Euphrates River dried up for Kings of East

Vial 7 – It is Done!



symbols of fish being used to create a division line between areas on pagesymbols of fish being used to create a division line between areas on page



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