There are subjects that must be mastered before doing a study of Revelation. The Book of Daniel IS the Prerequisite study for Revelations.† It can be stated that Johnís vision is the sequel to the vision of Daniel.


Daniel chapter 9 contains the vision Daniel had about 606-536 BC regarding a time period of 70 Weeks. †Daniel 9:24 sets the reason for the 70 weeks.


Seventy Weeks were determined upon Israel and Jerusalem to do the following things:




To finish the transgression

To make an end of sins

To make reconciliation for iniquity

To bring in everlasting righteousness

To seal up the vision and prophecy

To anoint the most Holy




Those 70 weeks related to Israel and prophetic events that would center on Godís dealing with them. The first 69 weeks have come and gone in the history of the Jews but the 70th week has yet to take place.


This 70th week is a period of seven years referred to as the ďTribulationĒ. †The 70th week STILL INVOLVES AROUND THE PURPOSE ESTABLISHED IN DANIEL 9:24.


It is vital in trying to understand the Book to KEEP IT IN PERSPECTIVE TO ISRAEL!


It is this week (70th week of Daniel 9:27) that the disciple John has his revelation concerning and discusses in detail for his writing . This begins after chapter six of his book. †As will be learned in chapter 1, John has this vision while being held captive on the Isle of Patmos. This was probably around the year of 96 AD.† That means there were 700 years between Danielís vision and this one of John.


Establishing the date for when these prophetic events occur is not the point of the Book of Revelations.† Instead, like all the prophets of the Old Testament; the Book is to warn of the conditions that will be in place when these events occur. It is also to establish for fact that the events WILL OCCUR and what WILL happen during these events. As a follower of Jesus Christ the believers in the churches of Johnís day who the letter was address to, were aware of the teachings of Jesus regarding the end.† John uses his letter to tell them what the Revelation from heaven was.† His revelation would further elaborate on what was shared by Daniel.