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One of four books of the Bible that are referred to as The Gospels.  The Gospels are written as eye-witness accounts of events during the lifetime of Jesus on earth.  Of the four gospel narratives, Matthew was probably the third written. It was written approximately 60-90 AD.  This would be almost 30 years after the Crucifixion occurs.


Matthew writes from the perspective of: “Jesus is a King”.  It was written and directed at the Jews.


First item Matthew determined was of importance was the establishment of the Genealogy. Tracing family heritage of Jesus back to David and therefore defining his Royalty.  Showing fulfillment of prophecy.


The Gospel of Matthew can be broken down into five sections recounting the life of Jesus:


Chapters 1-7     Birth to public ministry

Chapters 8-12   Miracles

Chapters 13-17 Parables

Chapters 18-23 Ministry move from Galilee to Judea

Chapters 24-25 Time in Jerusalem



Note that the parallel passages in the Gospels of Mark, Luke and John are also listed with each passage. This allows the reader to know where to go find that passage in a Bible to see the passage from the perspective of one of the other Apostles.



Chapter Overviews



SECTION I – Birth to Public Ministry


Artist depiction of Manger scene in Bethlehem

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Chapter 1   The Genealogy


Chapter 2   Herod and baby Jesus


Chapter 3   John the Baptist


Chapter 4   Public Ministry Begins


Chapters 5-7   Teachings on the Mountain






SECTION II – Miracles


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Chapter 8   Meeting the Need


Chapter 9   Healings


Chapter 10   Commissioning the Twelve


Chapter 11   Tribute to John the Baptist


Chapter 12   Ministry






SECTION III – Parables


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Chapter 13   Parables


Chapter 14   Feeding 5000 - Water Walking


Chapter 15   Traditions


Chapter 16   Death Foretold


Chapter 17   Transfiguration






SECTION IV – Ministry from Galilee to Judea


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Chapter 18   Offenses and Forgiveness


Chapter 19   Marriage and Sacrifice


Chapter 20   Laborers in Vineyard


Chapter 21   Temple after Triumphal Entry


Chapter 22-23   Religious Fools






SECTION V – Time in Jerusalem


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Chapter 24-25   End Times


Chapter 26-28   The Last Week








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Emperors of Rome during the time period of the New Testament.


Caesar Augustus – during the census and birth of Christ

Caesar Tiberius – during the Crucifixion of Christ

Calegia – bloody ruler, known as “little boots”

Claudius – during the time of the book of Acts

Nero – persecutor of Christians

Disperian – during the writing of Gospel of Luke, Jews are ordered destroyed

Dalmetian – while Disciple John was in prison





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Map of Jerusalem in First Century (Royalty free map)



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